Third Party Events

Plan a Fundraiser

If you are interested in organizing and hosting an event of your own in support of the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation, we want to hear from you! We would be honoured to be your charity of choice for your fundraising event.

Getting Started

The RVH Foundation is extremely grateful to the many community partners who commit to organizing an event in support of health care in our community. No matter how large or small, your support helps make a difference in the lives of our patients.

Come and Meet Us

Contact Melanie Clemmer at 613-432-4851 ext. 276 or to discuss your ideas and learn how the Foundation can support your event.

Tips for Organizing a Great Event

Form an Event Planning Committee

Successful events result from planning and organizing by enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. If your planning committee has enough members to share tasks and a variety of skills experience, you have the right formula for a winning event.

Identify Your Audience

You will be successful by understanding who will support and attend your event. Identify your target audience by considering who’s most likely to attend.

Set the Date

Schedule your event for a time and location convenient for your audience.

Event Logistics

Attention to detail is essential to the success of every event. The Foundation would be happy to review the logistics of your event. We can provide you with a checklist to help you run your event smoothly.

Promotion and Publicity

Eye-catching flyers, tickets and other promotional materials will help make your event a success. We would be proud to have your event materials display our logo and name. It can be confusing as to how to use the Foundation’s name correctly, therefore we ask that all promotional and publicity material be approved by the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation. Please allow one week for approval.

Donation and Collection of Funds

The foundation staff will work with you on the collections of funds; arranging photos and recognition as well as receipting.


Please say “thank you” and acknowledge everyone who participated or supported your event.