What do you think of when you hear the word “heart”?

Do you think of compassion and kindness? Courage and strength? Do you think of love? Or maybe you think of that unbelievable muscle that pumps blood through our bodies? Maybe you even think about your own heart health or that of a loved one.

There’s one more thing we think of when we hear the word “heart”—we think of the Renfrew Victoria Hospital.

We have a renowned cardiopulmonary diagnostics program. We have built a tradition of patient and family centred care. We have heart.

Several years ago, RVH set out on a mission to bring heart care to Renfrew.

You and others in our community agreed and helped bring the needed equipment that has cared for so many hearts close to home.

Patients in Renfrew can rest assured they are receiving the same quality of care as those in larger centres when it comes to matters of the heart. All echocardiograms are read by a cardiac specialist at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. This partnership is another example of how important integration of services is to bring high-quality patient care closer to home, and how RVH is continually working to improve patient services. The collaboration decreases wait times for tests, reduces the need for retests as results will be readily available to physicians at both RVH and the Heart Institute, and improves continuity of care.

As our echo ultrasound machine—the one that takes pictures of the heart to help detect any abnormalities and reduces the need for retests—is 10 years old we need to purchase a new one.

Our current echocardiogram machine has seen over eight thousand hearts in its time. We need to replace this important piece of equipment so we can continue to meet the growing needs of our community. That is why we have launched the Give With Heart campaign and set out to raise $25,000 towards the purchase of a new one.

Why are we asking for a small donation from you to help purchase a new echocardiogram machine? Because unlike operating costs, medical equipment is not paid for by provincial government.

We need your support to ensure we can continue to provide compassionate care close to home through donations to the Foundation. This is why your heart-warming gift is so important.

 You will help more than 1,000 patients who need an echocardiogram this year by donating just $10 towards our Give With Heart campaign. Can we count on you to make a gift during February, Heart Month, to help our hospital purchase this vital piece of equipment so residents in the area do not have to travel? Your investment today will help care for our community tomorrow.

You’re the reason RVH is able to provide people like Barbara the care she needs. You are the HEART of our hospital. And together we are the heart of a healthy community.

Give with heart. Make a donation by clicking here today.