RVH Oncology Celebrates 25 years


Thanksgiving Monday October 14th was a very fitting day to give thanks and celebrate 25 years of Oncology Services at Renfrew Victoria Hospital.

“Being able to provide the care we do in our home town gives our patients and families control of their somewhat chaotic days of travel and appointments. All our patients at RVH and their families mean a lot to us. That is why we do what we do! Thank you for letting us be part of your life, and helping us celebrate our 25 years of providing local care to our Oncology community in Renfrew and beyond,” says Erin Prentice, RN, on behalf of the RVH oncology family.

To mark this milestone, a special commemorative coffee table book of stories from those who have been impacted over the years was published and unveiled at the Tours at RVH in the afternoon and also at the dinner.

The book will be available for viewing in the RVH Oncology Department and a limited number are available for purchase. Please contact the RVH Foundation office if you would like to purchase a book.

The Day of Celebration commenced early in the afternoon with tours of the Oncology Department, Digital Imaging and Pharmacy, departments that are critical to oncology care. The tours were hosted by VP Patient Services Chris Ferguson, SVP Julia Boudreau and Manager of DI Services Lisa Wherry. Those in attendance were impressed and thankful for the exceptional services and state of the art equipment that is housed throughout these areas. It results in our patients having the best of care, close to home.

VP of Patient Services Chris Ferguson conducting a tour of the Oncology Unit

Manager of DI Services Lisa Wherry conducting a tour of the Digital Imaging Department

At 4:30pm, the Celebrations moved to the RCAF Wing where the RVH Foundation team along with the ANNETTE MILLER, JOANN MCGREGOR and the daughters of JANET ROBERTSON; April, Alyssa and Amber hosted a “ONE LAST TIME for OLD TIMES SAKE” Amigo’s-style Celebration Smorgasbord. The cost by donation community dinner highlighted local entertainment and delicious food and was topped off by over 130 pies which were made the previous day by Annette and JoAnn’s team of volunteers. It was a wonderful eventful day celebrating the history and growth of oncology services at RVH. We are truly thankful for the wonderful and supportive community we live in and the outstanding health care facility that we have right here at home.

The Organizing Team for “One Last Time for Old Time’s Sake” Amigo’s Style Community Celebration Smorgasbord

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