The power of community


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

This quote has been an inspiration. It reminds me of the power of community. As I complete my first three months at the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation I appreciate more and more the truth within these words.

My job as the executive director is more than a fundraiser: It is an outlet for expression of the way our community comes together—as donors, as businesses, as volunteers, as people who care about others — to ensure all members of our region have access to the best possible healthcare close to home. In my short time here, I have learned an enormous amount.

First, while I grew up in the Valley, it wasn’t until I joined RVH that I realized how friendly and sincere people are. Every person I run into looks you in the eye, offers a warm smile and says “hello.” From nurses and patients, to maintenance and administration, everyone is welcoming.

Secondly, healthcare funding is complex. While you may think it is a provincial responsibility, funding from the province doesn’t cover equipment. So, when RVH needs, as an example, a new ultrasound machine, the hospital has to come up with the money to purchase it.

My biggest learning? The generousity of this community. Every day people make a difference in our patients’ lives. They invest in our hospital through one-time donations and monthly giving, hosting and attending community events, and/or leaving a gift in their Will.

When it comes to lives, there is no value you can place on this type of support.

All of this reminds me each and every day why I—and everyone at RVH—do what we do. While we may be a small community, we are changing people’s worlds.

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