RVH “Saved My Life”

Picture of Jennifer Murphy & RVH Board
Jennifer Murphy (seventh from right) with Dr. Steve Radke on her left, as well as RVH Board and Staff members at a tour of the new oncology unit.

During the first glimpse of the new RVH Oncology Unit, Board members and physicians welcomed a special guest on an informal tour.

Jennifer Murphy shared her story and first impressions of the new space. She spent time as a patient receiving chemotherapy treatments earlier this year in the cramped unit on the second floor.

“The reason we do all of this is because of people like Jennifer, so we wanted to include her in this reveal and understand the impact of this renovation from a patient’s perspective,” said Chris Ferguson, RVH Vice-President of Patient Care Services. “It’s all about the patients.”

Murphy served as one of the patient consultants on the project.

She instantly became emotional upon entering the bright, spacious treatment area. “I’m overwhelmed,” she said. “This is luxury space.”

Lack of space was the main challenge for everyone in the original oncology unit.

“I had brought a support person to my treatments and there’s simply no room for anyone to sit with a patient without being in the way. This (new treatment area) will make a huge difference to the patients and the nurses who are used to working elbow-to-elbow,” said Murphy.

“In my opinion, this hospital saved my life,” she later stated, referring to the speediness of her diagnosis, surgery and treatments after her family doctor, Steve Radke, urged her to have a lump investigated.

“Anything I can do to give back to RVH, I will do,” Murphy added.

She concluded by thanking the Board members in attendance for their efforts in supporting these expansion and renovation projects. “This place is so important to the people of Renfrew County. I appreciate everything that you do here to ensure we have such a prestigious hospital in our community.”

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